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Bleeding Gums – Dental Tips From Your Family Dentist

May 26, 2022 / DENTISTRY

Bleeding gums are a common occurrence when you first start flossing between your teeth, as long as the bleeding stops relatively quickly, it is usually not a problem. If you do find this occurring more frequently when flossing, it is a good idea for your dentist or hygienist to check your mouth for periodontal diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis, both being common and treatable.

Some reasons why you may experience bleeding gums may be because you need to be flossing more often. Don’t stop flossing because your gums bleed, despite sounding wrong, continue to floss daily and the bleeding should lessen each time. If you have been a notoriously consistent flosser for a long time and you find that your gums are bleeding, it is best that you get our dentist in St. Jacobs to assess the issue for gum or periodontal diseases. Your family dentist is the expert and they will know exactly the treatment plan to give you to fix any current or potential dental problems.

Here are some causes of bleeding gums:

  1. Rough flossing or improper flossing technique. At your next appointment with your dentist in St. Jacobs, ask them to show you the proper technique.
  2. If you are new to flossing it is normal to see some bleeding, which should clear up within a week. Consult your family dentist if that does not happen.
  3. Poor nutrition, a vitamin C deficiency are both contributing factors to bleeding gums.
  4. Blood thinning medication can sometimes make bleeding gums more of an issue, consult your physician if you are finding that an issue.
  5. Inflamed gums can be a sign of gingivitis or more severe gum diseases. Curious about periodontal diseases, consult your dentist in St. Jacobs, they are more than happy to explain the cause and treatment to you.


Bleeding gum treatment includes regular dental checkups and cleanings from your family dentist as well as good daily oral hygiene habits. Plaque buildup is one of the main causes of gingivitis and you can prevent this by brushing properly, twice daily and continuing to floss daily. This periodontal disease is common, very treatable and reversible as long as you follow the oral hygiene instructions from your dentist in St. Jacobs. Your family dentist may suggest that you come in more frequently for professional cleanings if you are unable to keep up with it at home.

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